The Long Weekend Bus is a mix between a photo booth and a really, really rad transportation alternative. We know that weddings, corporate events and parties don’t all have the same needs, so we’re pretty flexible on what the bus can be used for.

There are a few standard packages available, however our a la carte add-ons make it so the packages are what you need, and only what you need:

  • Everyone loves a photo booth. Seriously, everyone. We’ve tested the theory. Our VW van photo booth prints fully customization images so you can include your company logo, your wedding hashtag, your names, your pallet colors, your inside joke, or whatever else you want to include. Whether you want the traditional 4 photo 2×6 strip, an 8 picture collage, or a singular photo on a 4×6, the options are as unique as your big day.

    Every event gets the bus decorated both inside and out with our marquee ‘PHOTOS’ light up sign, pillows, throws, signage and other details, and set-up/tear-down time never eats into the time allocated to your big event.

    See examples and learn more about the VW bus photo booth and what it includes in the link found here.

  • Limos are timeless, but buses are classic. We fully restored our Kombi bus both inside and under the hood, so it’s ready to rent as a transportation option option that will lead to unforgettable photos.

    With a seat in the front and a bench that fits three in the back, the bus can hold up to four people at a time.

    Learn more about our Toronto VW bus rental for transportation in the link here.

  • Much like the VW photo booth, we’ll set the bus up for amazing guest photos, but these ones will be stored on guests devices only.

    Whether it be on their cell phones for social sharing or with a Polaroid for instant images, your guests get to take their pictures however they want, sans le printing.

    Learn more about the VW bus photo booth selfie station and what it includes in the link here.

  • Sometimes you want a cool ride, but sometimes you just want pictures of pretty things. And that’s cool, so do we! That’s why the bus is available for rental for photo shoots.

    Whether you’re doing a magazine editorial, a portfolio piece for your photography business, or you just want a little something extra in your wedding photos, you can rent the bus by the hour in the GTA (or by the hour outside of the Toronto area with a small additional travel fee).

    Learn more about the VW bus rental for photo shoots and what it includes in the link here.

  • Sometimes you want a little something extra. Find a list of the additional options that can come with the bus in the link here.


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