Hashtag Photo Booth

Let’s face it: As much as we wish it could happen, not every event space has room for a full-sized VW hippie bus to pull up and show off. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you out with your event: Our hashtag photo booth is available to rent as a stand-alone service for any events in Toronto, GTA and Central Ontario.

So what’s the difference between a traditional photo booth and a hashtag photo booth? With the hashtag booth, your guests are in control of what images are taken of the, which ones are shared, and which ones they take home.

Here’s how it works: Your event will get a custom hashtag for your guests to tag their Instagram and Twitter pictures with. Every time a photo is uploaded with that hashtag, it pulls into our software and prints out of our photo booth with a customized boarder chosen by you. It gives guests the allure of a traditional take-away, but with the control to get the exact images they want.

We can also set it up with a more green option where not ever picture will print. If you want to control the number of images your guests can take home, we can set it so all images uploaded with that hashtag will pull onto our touchscreen for guests to select and print in one easy step.

For those without social media accounts (or for the older members of your party), one of The Long Weekend’s team members will be on hand to take and print off photos for them.

As we do with all of our Hashtag events, we have a lightbox to display your custom tag and signage to direct guests what to do to make sure that as many people as possible socially interact with your event!

For more information, contact our team today.